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Persian Shiraz - £140 - Ref 642
Persian Gabbeh - £693 - Ref 605
Persian Gabbeh - £546 - Ref 608
Afghan Peshawar - £525 - Ref 494
Persian Nahavand - £595 - Ref 540
Persian Luri Khorramabad - £487 - Ref 541
Persian Senneh - £578 - Ref 406
Persian Gabbeh - £448 - Ref 417
Persian Gabbeh - £224 - Ref 442
Persian Gabbeh - £326 - Ref 452
Persian Malayer - £686 - Ref 471
Turkish Konya Obruk Kilim - £359 - Ref 104
Persian Old Gabbeh - £416 - Ref 133
Persian Gabbeh - £347 - Ref 212
Turkish Uzbek Kilim Jajim - £473 - Ref 225
Persian Gabbeh - £347 - Ref 229
Persian Kurdish - £382 - Ref 353
Persian Old Gabbeh - £322 - Ref 378
Persian Old Gabbeh - £382 - Ref 384
Persian Gabbeh - £343 - Ref 489
Persian Luri Khorramabad - £487 - Ref 544
Persian Luri Khorramabad - £487 - Ref 545
Persian Luri Khorramabad - £487 - Ref 546
Persian Afshar Kilim Sofreh - £196 - Ref 554
Persian Afshar Kilim Sofreh - £196 - Ref 557
Afghan Khal Mohammadi - £1365 - Ref 583
Persian Heriz - £3360 - Ref 588
Afghan Shirvan - £301 - Ref 590
Persian Gabbeh - £347 - Ref 611
Persian Gabbeh - £336 - Ref 617
Persian Gabbeh - £557 - Ref 622
Persian Gabbeh - £487 - Ref 623
Persian Qashqai - £487 - Ref 626
Persian Bonat - £419 - Ref 627
Persian Kurdish Kolyai - £343 - Ref 629
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Oriental Rugs Online specialises in the highest quality Oriental Rugs and Oriental Carpets. The majority of our rugs are Persian (modern Iran) but we also stock rugs from Turkey and Afghanistan. All our rugs are hand knotted or in the case of kilims and soumaks, hand woven. Each piece in our stock is carefully selected to offer you the widest selection of styles and types of Oriental Rug.

The variety of styles and sizes of Oriental Carpets is enormous; the knotted rugs range from contemporary Gabbehs including figurative rugs to traditional Persian rugs still made in the recognisable traditional styles of the great tribes like the Qashqai, Luri, Turkmen and Shahsavan. Kilim rugs also range from traditional ethnic brightly coloured designs to more restrained contemporary colour ranges often favoured in the modern interior. It is impossible for us to stock everything! However we have very good links to a number of warehouses stocking thousands of Oriental Rugs and Carpets so if you canít find what youíre looking for in stock on our site, please donít hesitate to get in touch and weíll do our best to find a selection for you to look at. You can then order one to try in your own home. If youíre unhappy with your choice, you can send it back for an immediate full refund of the purchase price. We also undertake to refund the cost of your return postage if you buy a replacement rug or carpet from us.

The nature of an online business means we are asked to supply Oriental Rugs to suit a wide variety of situations. From little mats to bring life to a small landing to our biggest commission so far which was to supply a six metre Kashan carpet for the Royal Suite of Claridges hotel in London.

Oriental Rugs Online carries a large and varied range of top quality Persian rugs, including large Persian carpets. If you're looking for a particular type of rug, try our glossary page and if you still can't find it, please contact us. We have access to huge warehouse stocks and will be happy to help.
We pride ourselves on our Persian rug and Persian carpet ranges and also specialise in Turkish rugs, the original home of the Kilim.
All our products are handmade or, in the case of Kilims, handwoven