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Farahan (also spelt Feraghan or Ferahan) is the name of an area of plains north of Arak in western Iran. Finely woven nineteeenth century rugs of this area have allover patterns such as the Herati. Most Farahan rugs have a knot density between 60 and 160 knots per sqare inch. Typically, these rugs have a cotton foundation with pink or blue wefts. They are vegetable dyed and the colour green is more prevalent than in most persian rugs.

Oriental Rugs Online carries a large and varied range of top quality Persian rugs, including large Persian carpets. If you're looking for a particular type of rug, try our glossary page and if you still can't find it, please contact us. We have access to huge warehouse stocks and will be happy to help.
We pride ourselves on our Persian rug and Persian carpet ranges and also specialise in Turkish rugs, the original home of the Kilim rug.
All our products are handmade or, in the case of Kilims, handwoven