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The Qashqai (sometimes spelt Kashgay) are the largest and best known of Iran’s nomadic tribes. They are thought to have migrated from the Caucasus in the eighteenth century to their present territories around Shiraz in Southern Iran. They speak a dialect of Turkish. Their warlike character has led them into conflict with governments as well as other tribes in the area. Their craftsmanship and love of colour are evidenced in their rugs and the women’s clothing. The arabic branch of the qashqai are called bonat or bownat.

The Qashqai weave several types of rug but common characteristics are all-wool construction, heavy ribbing on the reverse, strong deep colours (particularly red) and and use of traditional motifs such as the ‘Hershang’ or crab. The designs are geometrical with typically a row of three or five medallions down the middle of the rug or in the centre and corners. The whole field is generally covered with small geometric motifs.

Persian Qashqai Kilim
222x130cm ¦ £351
Persian Qashqai Band
400x8cm ¦ £54
Persian Qashqai Band
400x8cm ¦ £54
Persian Qashqai
170x105cm ¦ £495
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